How to Get Free Internet Without Data Plan Android or Wifi?

In the modern world it is quite difficult to live without the Internet. Internet has many advantages as our professional and personal work is being done through web and social media. So, what if you got free internet on your smartphone? So, this is an article where we will help you to know how to get free unlimited internet. These tricks are for all smartphone users and all operators. Many people are skeptical about getting free internet as data recharge is getting costlier every month.It also leads to a stressful life when we rely on it too much and cannot get access for some reason. Through this article we want to assure you that it is possible to get free internet.

How to get free internet without Android or Wi-Fi data plan?

Normally, mobile data uses 3G/4G to browse the internet but with 5G networks, communication will become easier. Many people want to know the answer to one of the most asked questions “How to get unlimited data in India”.
Of course, there are some tricks by which you can use the internet for free. Read on to know different ways to get free internet. But it is important to note that using public Wi-Fi poses a threat to data privacy. Because cybercriminals can misuse this information and monitor your online activities while you are connected to it. Therefore, it is important to avoid using public Wi-Fi. Instead, it’s best to use secure Wi-Fi. Read on and discover several ways to get unlimited free internet access on any network.

How to use VPN to get free internet without Android or Wi-Fi data plan?


VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. You can connect to VPN software where you will not be charged a single penny for surfing the web. Change the VPN software so that it connects to the Internet virtually.

VPN for Android Internet Free

Free Internet Trick for Android VPN acts as a buffer and protects your confidential data. It provides a layered security system in which it removes multiple security loopholes which keep you safe while surfing online. There are many free internet apps.
VPN providers now offer apps that you can download, install and run for free to enjoy faster internet. There are many ways to use VPN apps that will help you unblock internet restrictions of specific regions, browse online anonymously, and bypass firewalls.
VPN tunnels your internet traffic through its own servers thus hiding your identity. Plus, with the best free VPN for gaming, you can maximize your gaming experience.



There are a few requirements you need to keep in mind before you start using the free VPN for Android internet. You must have an active data plan with n0 balance on your phone. This is because if you have any data balance it will be consumed when connected to the internet. The methods below work for all Android versions, but it’s best to have at least Android version 4 or higher installed on your phone.

Some of the best apps of their kind are VPN for Android Free Internet:


Sky Vpn

1. Download the SKY VPN app from the App Store or Google Play.

2.  At this point you will need to have an active 3G/4G connection.

3. Then open your mobile internet.

4. Then open SKYVPN apps and click Connect.

5. Now you can surf without free internet and you don’t have to worry if your connection fails.

6. You can change country server and try to connect again.

Troid VPN

Troid Vpn

1. Download and install the TROID VPN app and open it.

2. Select any free app server.

3. Select the TCP port.

4. Set report value to 443 and Lport to 0.

5. Now open Advanced Settings.

6.  Select the ‘Use proxy for TCP connection’ option and enter the following settings.

7. Add port 3128. Proxy host will be or Host host will be: Save settings


The biggest advantage of FLY VPN is that you don’t need to download it
1. on your Android phone, go to settings wireless and network and select VPN from there.

2. Add a new VPN by clicking the plus sign and icon in the upper right corner.

Login with your username and password. 6.Click Connect

Droid VPN

Droid Vpn

Follow the below steps to access free internet through Droid VPN app.

1. Download the app from Google Play Store and install it.

2.  Register for the app with your email address, username and password.

3. In ‘Connection Settings’ go to ‘Connection Protocol’ and from there select ‘TCP Connection’. Then enable HTTP headers by clicking on ‘HTTP Headers’ and then tap on the checkbox.

4.  Type “” in the custom HTTP header, then press OK.

5.then open the Droid VPN app
6. From there select the available connections.
7.  Tap on connect button be happy now that you are connected to this vpn and can browse online.


Feat Vpn

FatVPN uses configuration files for FatVPN server configuration. For this reason, you can download files for server configuration.

1. Download and install the FeatVPN app. After launching the app, tap on the Setup button and run it.

2. The app will run some tests to check your device’s capability with FEAT VPN.

3. After all tests are completed successfully, tap exit. Then tap Tunnel and add the VPN connection by tapping the ADD button.

4. In the configuration settings, Select Upload and select the configuration files you downloaded earlier.

5. Go back via the Back button.

6. The server will now be listed as a VPN tunnel.

7. Tap on the VPN tunnel you created. A connection will then be attempted.

8. You will be asked to enter credentials. After entering credentials, tap OK.

9. Then you will see VPN status will show connected.

Disconnecting from the VPN

Disconnecting From Vpn

The process of disconnecting from a VPN is quite simple and straightforward. When you connect to the VPN, your notification drawer will say ‘VPN Enabled’. To disconnect, tap the notification and tap Disconnect.

Access unlimited free internet on any network.

Access unlimited free internet on any network. Everyone wants to have free unlimited internet access. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and read all the possible ways to get free net access.

Unlimited Internet

Method 01:

Track Wi-Fi Connection Using Wi-Fi Map Wi-Fi Map is a free website and app that can monitor free Wi-Fi sources around the world. The app uses internet but once you connect internet connection it will be free. It’s available on App Store and Play Store, just search Wi-Fi Map: Find Internet & VPN you’re ready to go.

Method 02:

Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi feature Facebook has a Find Wi-Fi feature that you can use to find an internet connection within range. Follow these steps to enable this feature:

1. If you don’t have Facebook, install it.

2. Open an account Access the menu by clicking on the three lines.

3. Go to Settings & Privacy (iPhone and Android), find Privacy Shortcuts and tap Manage Your Location Settings.

4. Tap Find Wi-Fi and enable it.

Method 03:

Visit restaurants or hotels. There are some restaurants and hotels that offer free internet, go to them. You might be thinking that it would be expensive, but seriously, there are some coffee shops, cafes or hotels that offer membership. Get a membership card or order a drink that costs less and gives you unlimited internet access.

Free internet for tablet without wifi Internet

Free internet for tablet without wifi Internet has become the most important part of our life. We almost became addicted and can’t imagine a day without it. It has become our necessity and high speed internet makes life cool and comfortable. Although it is difficult to pay for reliable internet. So let us tell you some ways to get free tablet internet.

Method 01:

Use a data SIM Some tablets have built-in support for SIM cards. You can input any data sim without any cable or dongle. This is the easiest way to connect to the internet on a tablet without Wi-Fi, but not all tablets come with the SIM docking feature. If your tab has this feature, just insert your SIM card and activate your data connection.

Method 02:

Using a hotspot A hotspot is a mobile internet connection that works like Wi-Fi for other devices. It’s not free and requires a data plan, but it’s very fast and reliable. Go to internet settings on your phone, go to other wireless connections and enable hotspot. Now go to your tablet and enable Wi-Fi and connect it to your phone’s internet.

Method 03:

Try using a dongle. An internet dongle is an additional accessory you can purchase to connect your tablet to the internet. The dongle establishes a connection to the laptop using Bluetooth or a USB Type-C or Micro USB cable. Using this dongle is quite easy. Connect it with an Ethernet cable and the tablet via Bluetooth or wired. This will facilitate efficient and reliable internet connection without Wi-Fi.

Final words

Now you know how to get free internet without android data plan or wifi service. It will help you a lot to browse and complete your work online when you don’t have Wi-Fi access or data plan. Furthermore, the VPN connection is secure as it encrypts user data. VPN for free internet on Android is quite easy to set up and use. One thing you need to be careful about using this method is that you keep switching ports because your ISP will be looking for you and if you reach the maximum limit your access will be blocked.

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