Patrick Cantlay is convinced that unless the Epic showdown at the pinnacle of the game, including LIV golf and PGA visit, is resolved, it will not be resolved.

The American, who is competing for the USA in this week's Leaders Cup at Quail Hollow,

made sense, referenced to several games as the source of his ideas, and indicated that he anticipates a less broken future for the game.

He said: I believe this has lost all sense of direction because everyone has been so combative and it appears like everyone is just continuing to be antagonistic.

I just don't know of any game that has a true broken sport, therefore I wouldn't believe if there wasn't any sort of approaching mediation.

Therefore, I have the impression that, supposing it is a long time from now, everyone will think, "Goodness, no question, that LIV thing."

That's what I remember, and we will all be playing at least occasionally with each other.

I find it amusing that people are so passionate about it because I may not have the same level of understanding as everyone else has, by all accounts.