Additionally, there is a $128.2 million cash out option. The winning numbers in the draw were 7, 15, 36, 46, and 67.

The number drawn for the power ball was 7, and the seven power play was worth two times as much. however no

On Saturday, one lucky American won the $228 million jackpot; a second-place ticket for $724,043 was also purchased.

was bought in California.

Prizes for the California Lottery are determined by ticket sales and the number of

of champions. They are distinct from the fixed second rewards provided in other lottery-playing states.

The ticket contained five numbers, but the power ball was absent. There was no winner in the New Jersey.

$300 or more for a single ticket. Saturday's winning numbers were 5, 25, 36, and 51.

Moreover, the number 61. One is the powerball number selected. Using the triple power play