A lottery player from Nashville, Tennessee, is in possession of a prestigious Mega Millions(r) Jackpot.

Ticket with a $20 million value. All six of the winning numbers were drawn for the winning ticket.

the previous evening, April 15, 2022, to win the jackpot. The lottery of Tennessee education

As soon as new information becomes available, I'll post more updates. One More Mega was present.

Tennessee lottery winner of millions. 61 million dollars in cost Prize from Mega Millions was claimed on

The mother and boy from Bellevue on January 3rd, 2014. Prior to this Tennessee jackpot win

Since the beginning of the lottery, players have taken home more than $17.5 billion in prize money.

It made its debut in 2004 when it was first established. The Munford player came out on top as the largest victor.

They received a lump-sum payment of $528.8 million after sharing the $1.58 billion record-breaking power ball jackpot.